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set your machine to this #8-1 Good settings for whole machine

 All setting changes require 0 credits on the machine before entering setup mode.

•With the machine turned on and in idle mode, open the door press the white test button 2 times
•You should see "2  n" in the winner paid/credits windows, where n= 0 or 1. Press the spin button until it reads "2  1”
               This enables the spin sounds.
•Turn the jackpot key once. This advances through the setup sub-menu
•You should see "5  n" in the window, where n= 0 to 2. Press the spin button until it reads "5  0"
               This will make all wins automatically go to the credit meter. You will not have to turn on the credit button before playing.
•Turn the jackpot key three times.
•You should see "8  n" in the window, where n= 0 to 2. Press the spin button until it reads "8  1"
               This will force all bills inserted to go to the credit meter. You will never accidentally end up cashing out your bill.
                  [ADD 5-30-2011] It turns out that this setting has to be enabled when the dbv is set up using the SET chip. If the SET chip option is
                  configured as disabled, this option can't be changed and all bills will always go to the tray. If the SET chip option is configured as enabled,
                  then the option is set here. If enabled, a set chip is NOT required to change this setting.
                      Thanks Poppo and Stayouttadabunker for this info. 

•Turn the jackpot key once
•Press the white test button to "return" to the main menu and advance through it until you get to option group 7

          {stop the first time you see a “7” in the Coins-In display}
•Set your hopper and credit limits as follows:
               Note: To set these values, turn the jackpot reset key to change the selected (flashing) digit. Press the spin button to increment the
                          flashing digit.
•[7-1] 0000   Maximum number of credits that will actually cash out from your hopper.

                               Zero effectively disables the hopper, but you can use a low number to match the number of coins that you have, if you wish.
                               If you have more credits than the value set here on the meter, pressing cash out will become a hand pay that is cleared with
                               the key.
•[7-2] 1200  This will cause all single wins of 1201 or more to lock up as a jackpot with lights flashing. Set this between the highest win that you

                           want to pay out normally and the lowest win that you want to lock up as a jackpot. Jackpot wins cleared with the jp key
                           "disappear" and are not added to the credit meter (although they are added to the jackpot meter in the bookkeeping menus.)
•[7-3] 9999  All single wins of equal to or less than the value set in [7-2] (1200 or less in this case) will go to the credit meter as long as the final

                           number of credits is less than 10,000.
•[7-5] 2000  The bill validator will turn off when you have more than 2000 credits. Use any value that you want here.
•[8]    0000  optional.  Partial pay on lockups. If you want some of your jackpot or lockup amounts to pay from the hopper, set this
                                 to the number of coins you want to pay out. This number cannot be higher than the hopper limit setting [7-1].
•Press the white test button one final time after making your last setting change to be sure that the changes stick
•Close the door
I don't know...I'm still learning this stuff as I go along.

Here's what I have installed:

504 CPU
SB100940 (9 line, 90 credit)
If you did a game conversion could this problem be due to not having the right SG or SB or VS chip on the mpu board?
Well dip # 4 didn't change anything I am afraid, credit on credit off, player selectable credit, and MPU dip 4 on and off, bills into the DVB-200 still just go to the hopper for payout.
Maybe it is just one of those things?
Thanks Jackpot 
The game plays, but the payline digital display doesn't show the number of lines played and bet per line properly.
could be dip switch #4 on mpu.  never used a 831
Dip #4 on MPU, sounds interesting and I'll have a look and let you know.
open door press white button twice or til you see a 5-1 or 5-2 press spin to change to 5-0. press white button again.
I tried this, 5-0 gave me slectable credit
5-1 no credit, and 5-2 always credit but in all, b/v still went to cash. I also tried a ram clear and tried it again with same results.
NLG Classified ads and White Sheet / Re: WSM 400 clear chip
« Last post by Fusco on Today at 03:57:23 PM »
Thanks, here is one I found for sale. Williams Dotmation Clear Chip .25cent U-3 For the 400 series

Has anyone used this chip on a non dotmation? Just want to verify what rokgpsman and I think before I purchase it. I do need the 25 cent denom.
Doen't work right doesn't tell us a lot. What is it not doing right?
NLG Classified ads and White Sheet / Re: WMS 400 clear chip
« Last post by rokgpsman on Today at 03:18:03 PM »
I'm pretty sure that the WMS-40X non-dotmation models use the same CLEAR chip as the dotmation models.

If no one here on NLG has one this might be a source:

When you get the CLEAR chip you will need to specify which coin denomination your machine uses, the CLEAR also sets up the cmos ram for a specific coin.
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