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So I want to hook up a few machines to this cool Bally progressive unit via its AS-3901-4 controller board.  This thing is supposed to work on the older Bally machines but I don't see why it cant be connected to lots of other machines.  I plan to just connect the input lines together, maybe through a relay of some sort after I get it working.  The problem is I’m having trouble getting the coin-in and jackpot-input to work while it’s still on my work bench.
I could use some help seeing what kind of signal is being fed to the controller. I don’t have the V-5000 schematics though. Where does backplane J3 pins 1, 4, and 6 come from?


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Other Reel Games / Re: Got my Aristocrat working
« Last post by SLOTil on Today at 10:58:54 AM »
i think i need complete brains for my esprit?
anywhere i can get working replacement??
if not any suggestions for an expert who can repair it (i am out of the US so one i can ship him the circuits...)
NLG Classified ads and White Sheet / Warehouse sale
« Last post by slotwholesalers on Today at 10:53:53 AM »
4 Konami 2 City of riches, Gigantic Dragon and Gigantic 7"s $ 60.00 each . Have to be pickup i AZ Thanks for looking Chuck
You seem to have a mixture of machines.  Can you post pictures of the cabinets?  From what I can gather you have 2 alpha 1's and one alpha 2?  But the answer in any case is yes, you can change the game in them.  You just need the software and the proper clear card.

NLG Classified ads and White Sheet / Wms BB1 Games
« Last post by slotwholesalers on Today at 10:45:22 AM »
Clearing out warehouse of Wms bb1 machines, I have 9 reels,4 BBi monitors and 7 parts machines.. the parts machines hae 6 software sets, All that glitter, Houdini,Golden Maiden, Palace of Riches, Zeus 11 and Mystical Dragons,,$1000.00 for all and will not split ..have to be pickup in AZ..Thanks for looking.Chuck
Thank you so much for your quick reply , yes we have 2 machines 1.0 and 1 machine 2.0 , please can you direct me to somebody or tell me from where i can buy whats needed , really i will be forever in your dept, because it had cost me a fortune just to ship it here . i attached the cabinet pic . thank you again for the quick reply
HELP !!!!
is there anywhere around the globe some one can repair/sell me replacement BRAINS from my Aristocrat Esprit ?
I replaced batteries, some transistors were blown apart & I replaced them. This machine is dead.

Any help will be appreciated !

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