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Author Topic: IGT S+ RAM clear chip procedure  (Read 669 times)

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IGT S+ RAM clear chip procedure
« on: June 06, 2017, 12:20:17 AM »
Using a RAM clear chip is the last resort in troubleshooting.  Most IGT S+ errors can be resolved without the use of a clear chip.  If you are new to IGT S+ slot machines, do not start here, post the issue with your machine in a new post in the IGT S+ section and you will receive assistance on how to resolve your issue.  While there is nothing wrong with using a clear chip, it will reset all settings to the factory default which may require additional programming to get your machine back to its current setup.  As such, using a clear chip should be a last resort unless you are familiar with S+ setup and programming.  For more details, please visit this thread: NEWBIES: PLEASE DON'T CLEAR YOUR IGT S-PLUS SLOT

With a nod to Ohio Gaming for the following info which used to be posted on their website, but appears to have gone MIA in a recent site redesign, here are the steps necessary to perform a RAM clear (to clear the EEPROM data) on an IGT S+ slot machine.  This is typically only needed if your machine is in a "61 loop", or has some other unusual error.  Typically most problems with an IGT S+ slot machine are not cured with the use of a RAM clear chip, so only do the following procedure if you're sure you really need to do a full clear.

- Turn the machine's power off.

- Remove the coin tray and hopper.

- Locate the round knob on the silver MPU board tray that is behind the hopper. Lift the knob straight up to remove the MPU board from the fixed motherboard that is secured to the bottom of the machine. Do not use force; there is a risk of damaging the motherboard if you use excessive force.  (Slant top machines: open the belly door to access the MPU tray on the left side of the machine, then slide the board towards you using the metal handle built into the tray.)

- Place the MPU tray on a flat surface and locate the GAME PROM socket on the board.

- ATTENTION TO DETAIL: There is a notch at one end of the EPROM chip. Determine the direction that notch is in relation to the direction the main board. The new chip must be installed in the same direction. If the chip is not installed correctly, there is a high risk of destroying the data needed to operate the game or another function of the machine.  You'll note that there is a notch on one end of each EPROM chip, and a matching notch on the socket that the chip plugs into.  The notches should always match up.

- Using a chip puller (recommended) or a small flat blade screwdriver (not recommended, but can be done) remove the GAME PROM EPROM chip from its socket. Avoid damaging or bending the legs on the chip. If you do you can gently straighten them out, but eventually the legs will become weak and may break off, rendering the EPROM chip useless.

- Install your RAM clear EPROM chip with the notch in the same direction as the EPROM you just removed.  Use caution when installing the chip to ensure that all of the legs correctly are inserted into the socket, and that you have not folded any of the legs under the EPROM chip.  Verify that the chip is completely seated in the socket.

- Carefully reinstall the MPU tray back into your machine.  Do not use excessive force, but once the tray is lined up correctly, firmly slide the knob down to ensure the MPU board is seated correctly in the fixed motherboard (slant top machines: slide the MPU board back into place, using firm but not excessive force).

- Turn the machine's power on.  Press the white "self test" button (typically located next to or behind the power switch) once (or possibly a second time if nothing happens after one press).  There will be a set of numbers counting up on the LED displays on the door. Once it has reached "2  999" and has stopped there, turn the power off.

- Remove the MPU tray from the machine.  Remove the RAM clear chip, and replace it with the original chip that was in your GAME PROM socket.

- Reinstall the MPU tray, hopper, and coin tray.

- Power on the machine.  You will likely encounter one or more error codes on the LED display on the door.  Follow the troubleshooting steps located here to determine what the code is telling you, and how to resolve the error.

Once you have cleared any errors and your machine is accepting coins and is playing properly, you will need to re-enable your dollar bill validator using a SET chip, if your machine is equipped with a validator.  Directions for enabling your dollar bill validator can be found here.
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