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Author Topic: S+ Accounting fun?  (Read 135 times)

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S+ Accounting fun?
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:39:15 PM » we go.
For fun, I am making an S+ accounting sheet using the Excel 2007 program.

Let's say cell A1, on a row of cells, has a drop-down list of S+ machine numbers from "1-5".
I choose cell A1 to fill with machine "1" okay?
Let's make machine "1" in the list as a "Triple Bonanza 2CM" quarter game.

Now cell B1 has a drop-down list with the "Coins Played" list from 1-5 coins.
I choose the "2" from the list to fill the B1 cell with 2 coins played.

How do I make Cell C1 to fill with the math from four possible hits valued at over a 1,000 credits? (a hand-pay mode)
The winning pay-line examples that one can get from the Triple Bonanza award glass, in a hand-pay lockup playing 2 coins can be:

5,000 credits / 4= $1,250.00
180 credits X 9=1,620 credits / 4=$405.00
(Triple-Triple-Bonanza, Triple-Bonanza-Triple, Bonanza-Triple-Triple)

Is there a way for the "2 coins played" in the list under cell B1 to fill the adjacent cell C1 with one of the above "examples"?
In other words, can I somehow add the "examples" list to the "coins played" list to fill out another cell?
Or do I have to make another drop-down list under cell C1?

To make this even harder to understand...haha! I would also like the adjacent cell on row 1 (D1) auto fill with the dollar amount from the list used - such as $405.00 because the winning combo was Triple-Bonanza-Triple.

The only problem with cells C1 and D1 is if I have a different game.
I would need the drop-down list to come from a list associated with a different game number.
Such as a Double Diamond 5cm game with different payout combos or the drop-down list in cell B1 will have the wrong payouts.

This is sort of like when I go buy a car part at an auto parts store.
I give the counter person my year, make, model, engine size, etc. and I see them using drop-downs after drop downs on their computer screen to try and locate my part needed from their inventory.
Then, once found, I'm given options whether or not to get the higher, more expensive quality part v.s the economy, cheaper made part.

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Re: S+ Accounting fun?
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2017, 04:38:35 PM »
This is pretty much what I am doing.  However, I know nothing about the formulas to use or enter for excel.   Depending on price,  I would PAY someone to set up all the formulas for me....  It would make my life SO much easier!   The way I do it,  So many places/opportunities to make a mistake.  :Scratch-Head: :duh: :banghead: :hissyfit: :fryingpan:

So basically I have a bunch of spread sheets printed out and I put in all my info by hand.  Then use another spread sheet for the info that I want.  THEN, use a calculator and enter all the info all nice and neat into a spread sheet that is on my computer.


                Coin in    Coin Out      Hand Pay
Start:      362319    286322

11/3        367239    291773

11/4        372927    296498

11/5        377865    299789


                Coin in    Coin Out                     AVG                 Running AVG       Coins +/-     Running Coins +/-       Spins       Total Spins

11/3           4920        5451                     110.7%                                          531                                                1640            1640

11/4           5688       4725                        83%                       95.9%          -963                 -432                        1896             3356

11/5          4938        3291                       66.6%                     86.6%         -1647               -2079                       1646             5002


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Re: S+ Accounting fun?
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2017, 12:49:14 PM »
well, I figured out all the cell formulas so far except for a couple things to make my accounting sheet work the way I want.

Right now I'm trying to make data lists pop open in other cells on a row.
Later I have to figure out to auto populate a couple of cells with time and dates.

When I finish mine, I'll see what I can do to make your data work the way you want.


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