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NLG Classified ads and White Sheet / WTB: Ruby Slippers
« Last post by RubySlipperLover on Today at 12:56:37 PM »
original SA of ruby slippers please. Thanks
WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by RubySlipperLover on Today at 12:37:46 PM »
okay the go fund me post has never had a dime and really, I ended up having to save for both my self you have no Idea what I go through dude, I had to stop taking that class, by the way Iím bout to get that next month with every dime being my own as you can see ?I took no money from anyone else, asked and no one helped. Guess what though Iím still happy that I can save for the things I want/need. I only tried to get help so Ďi wouldnít have to drop that class. But I donít really care, say what you want. I will end up paying for both with my own money and since I no longer take an editing class it not a necessity as I will take the class when I get it. I still donít understand why you want to call me out instead of trying to work it out with me. and by the way, your the one that said it mustíve been burned over with sa so i would assume thatís why already said that
May God Bless You and a miracle save you Denny, you have been a great person to talk to and nobody nicer, I am so sad and will be praying for you.
WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by RubySlipperLover on Today at 12:25:17 PM »
cool lik i said didnít email you here never remember having your email address said it couldíve happened on regular email why not just send me my email address instead of posting it for everyone to see, i posted the same pic in pictures/files on here. My point is you were just calling me out in every message or post lik i intentionally bought software from general, then wanted your software or something to copy. all iím saying is all this couldíve been avoided if you just wouldíve sent ME that pic. I wouldíve said, oh...okay i mustíve forgot. and if i sent you that email why wouldnít you nicely tell me hey buddy, thatís a fake, iíve got the real card for sale that day. Iíve said iím sorry if thatís how it happened but still no acknowledgment. and once again it worked at SamRon slots I live in ky, you donít think they have a ram clear card.
WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by Blueridgeslots on Today at 12:20:53 PM »
But he took the card he has to his "Local" slot shop to be tested and it worked, a miracle that without a machine (nor a ram clear card) you got a WAP set to work Stand Alone, hard to believe but you are a lucky guy since so many others can't

I would pitch in a grand if you tell us all how you do it, this toward your piggy bank fund for a BB2e

Also if you google the email address he sent from,  in December there is a Go Fund Me page asking for donations for a Mac Laptop for School. Needs donations for a PC for education but saving for a slot. Got those priorities in line I see

This Rude post was approved by the author... ME
WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by RubySlipperLover on Today at 12:18:09 PM »
sorry i never meant for it to be like this.
WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by Yoeddy1 on Today at 12:13:41 PM »
Reading this thread is like an acid trip.

WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by RubySlipperLover on Today at 12:11:20 PM »
by the way i didnít email you and ya you kinda are being one thatís in my picture on the file thing i didnít think anyone could see that once again didnít email you never sent them to you. sorry i donít know how everything works on here damn why are you being like that.
WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by RubySlipperLover on Today at 12:09:29 PM »
by the way blue ridge slots was the one that told me, he was not being very nice with me. I would get it from him though since more than one person has said he is legit, but he started saying iím a troll because I sent him a picture and this and that. I donít know maybe I did, I doubt I did on here though since I really didnít know how how am I supposed to remember though iím sure whenever i did i wasnít a contributing member and had mailbox limits so itís not like I can go back and look. I just have the worst damn luck in the world. Iíll start taking payment to go stand by your enemies, any takers bad luck charm over here. Its not even just thus everyone who knows me in real life will tell you. If i had a 90% chance of winning the lottery iíd lose. Perfect example, I have always had back problems and last year got a 1 in 1000 a year case of osteomyelitis and had to have 2 surgeries. Now Iím not good at the math but with all the people living in the US whatís the odds of that.
WMS Williams Video / Re: Software Check
« Last post by Blueridgeslots on Today at 12:06:59 PM »
Here is the pics you DIDN'T send.

Yes I am Rude, a pure prick after you have told me it was someone elses pic and I am wrong about the SD17 being WAp

NO I don't and wouldn't sell you anything now, and for sure not an OEM Ruby Stand Alone Card for $200
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