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Author Topic: Theory of Sound SIMMs, SB chips, and Sound Variations  (Read 2187 times)

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Theory of Sound SIMMs, SB chips, and Sound Variations
« on: February 23, 2014, 03:42:18 AM »
Originally by Yoeddy1

Hey Everyone,

If we get enough folks that can confirm that this solution works, we might want to make this a sticky topic as this topic has been covered many times in various posts.

Over the past several months, many of us have found out that different sound SIMM's will work with various games.  For example, a couple of years ago, I found out by accident that a Mummy sound SIMM would work in my 3CM Double Diamond Deluxe, but not with a 2CM Double Diamond Deluxe.  So what gives?  Why do certain games come up with an "Incompatible Sound SIMM" type of an error with all sound SIMMs except with the one that has been developed for the specific theme?  Why do other games work with various sound SIMMs without limitation?  A good question for IGT developers, but for those that want to dig in and mix up the sounds, read on!

What we do know is that SBs (base chips) that are numbered as SB1000XX or SB10000X (XX or X being numbers other than 0) appear to accommodate various sound SIMMs and will not produce an error.  This may not be true for all SB chips that fall into this numbering, but below are a few that I have confirmed that work:

SB100021 Bonus Sizzling Sevens 3CM
SB100087 Sizzling Sevens 3CM
SB100089 Double Diamond Deluxe 3CM
SB100009 Triple Lucky Sevens 3CM, Triple Butterfly Sevens 3CM, Triple Red Hot Sevens 3CM, Triple Stars 3CM
SB100097 Crystal Sevens 3CM
There may be others...

My MPU has the following chipset:
SG000363 GME 1&2 chips
VS011GX1 Version chips

Any of these games seem to work fine with alternate sound SIMMs with this configuration.

Now...the part that gets confusing is that some folks, including myself, have noticed that the spin sounds may alternate and sometimes they may play the same spin sound over and over with no variation.  Why is that?  The thought was that the GME chips or Version chips might control this behavior.  Now some games will automatically produce alternating spin sounds and will not require any user intervention at all...Munsters, Mummy, I Dream of Jeannie, and even the good ol "preferred" sounds on the DSV00042 sound SIMM.

Here's a scenario for those that want to tinker.  Let's say I setup Triple Lucky Sevens with my SB100009 SB chip, but I want to install either a Wheel of Fortune (DSV00092) or a Megabucks (DSV00008) sound SIMM to mix things up a bit.  I power off my machine, install the SB100009 SB chip, install the desired sound SIMM, power the machine on and wait for the alarm, turn the jackpot key 4 times, hold MPU test button for 2-3 seconds, close the door, and I should be good to go right?  This is true, but in my experience, the game is only going to produce the same spin sound over and over.

So how do I get the game to produce alternating spin sounds that reside on the sound SIMM you ask?

Do the same thing as above, but this time, dig out your trusty DSV00042 sound SIMM.  In other words I power off my machine, install the SB100009 SB chip, install the DSV00042 SIMM, power the machine on and wait for the alarm, turn the jackpot key 4 times, hold MPU test button for 2-3 seconds, close the door.  Open the door, press the MPU test button, configure the spin, rollup, etc sound settings to "Preferred", exit out of the menus, and close the door. 

Play the game a few times.  Power off the machine.

Now take out the MPU again, take out the DSV00042 sound SIMM and replace it with the Wheel of Fortune (DSV00092), Megabucks (DSV00008), or whatever sound SIMM.  Power your machine back up.  When you play the machine, you should notice that the spin sounds will now alternate the sounds.
I have no idea why this works, but it’s almost as if the installation of the SB chip and the DSV00042 as a starting point, sets a sound path default to memory (somewhere), and when other SIMMs are installed after the initial installation with the DSV00042, those other SIMMs will follow the same path.  How’s that for some technical BS?

Anyway, give this a try if you have a chance, and hopefully this sound voodoo will work for others!

I just picked up a SB100021 Bonus Sizzling Sevens 3CM and a DSV00015.  When I first installed it, I could only get one spin sound to play, and that got old really quick.  After running through the process above with the DSV00042, a whole bunch of new spin sounds were unlocked once I put the DSV00015 back in!  Success!   applause

Below is a video which reflects the spin sounds when SB100021 and DSV00015 are setup with a new installation WITHOUT using the DSV00042 fix.  Notice that the spin sound is the same every time?

BONUS SIZZING 7'S ~ [url=]

For those that want to investigate EVERY possible sound that resides on any sound SIMM, perform the following:

Turn the jackpot key once
Hit the Cash Out button twice to get to 4 I/O Tests
Hit the Spin Reels button
Hit the Cash Out button once to get to 4.4 Sound Test
Hit the Spin Reels button
Hit the Cash Out button once to get to 4.4.2 MMLB Sound File Test
Hit the Spin Reels button
Use the Cash Out and Change buttons to move left or right through each of the sound files.  Use the Spin Reels button to play the sound file.

When you are done playing with the sound files, hit the Play X Credits button several times to exit out of the menus.  The reels will spin and the game will be ready to play.
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