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Author Topic: Universal Sterling Sevens table/slant top TILT  (Read 713 times)

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Universal Sterling Sevens table/slant top TILT
« on: June 30, 2016, 12:33:44 PM »
My Sterling Sevens Universal slant/table machine shows TILT and also error codes 19, 31 and 50.  Anyone know how to reset?  Or what is wrong?  I had a coin jam and cleared it...but can't get it back to normal.  Thanx !

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Re: Universal Sterling Sevens table/slant top TILT
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2016, 09:37:34 AM »
This is an Ultra Series Universal.
Error 50, the door is open, close it, lock it, and error changes to 51. More a message than error.
Error 19, you performed a RAM clear. Again, this is a message and not an error.
Error 31, overpayed coins by hopper. This is the problem keeping machine in TILT. BUT, chances are is is NOT the hopper. It is the MPU board connection to the backplane 99 times out of a 100!!! This is the Ultra Series Achilles heel. The backplane connection is too big for the board. Even the slightest bit of dirt or misalignment causes all kinds of TILTS with 31 being the most common. Just this morning I turned on one of my Ultras that hasn't been on in over a month and got error 31. 

Solving this problem; First attempt-- with machine off and board in place, rock the board left to right a few times at the white pull tabs. Perform RAM clear at start up and put your thumb under the board while pushing clear buttons. This will help to not flex the board. See if error 31 still exists. Try this at least three times before going to step two if needed.

Step two; with power to machine off, pull the board and spray the board pins with electronic cleaner that leaves no residue and brush pins with soft brass brush. I get electronic cleaner at Autozone and brush at Wal-Mart. Then inspect board pins for any brass bristles left behind and get them out. (I like to use brass as corrosion can be on some pins and the brass cleans it off). Then spray the pin holes in the backplane and insert the board in and out several times, spray both again. Then perform procedure in first attempt above.

If all that still leaves you with error 31 then it could be the hopper connection to it's plug. If the mpu board does not see the hopper optics signal you get error 31. (I had one of these issues once) The gold connections on the plug mounted on the floor of the slant top could be stretched out. Take a small screwdriver and carefully bend the top ones down a little and bottom pins up a little. Also check the hopper pins and bend them out a little. BE CAREFUL, don't break them!
If all this has not solved error 31, then it's time to check the optic that counts the coins. Remove hopper, remove hopper bowl and unscrew the black cover where coins come out. There's a spacer in there, don't lose it. You can pull the optic out of it's mount. Now plug the hopper in the machine and turn it on. Even with the TILT error you can wave your screwdriver over the optic and a little led on the optic should light only when something is blinding the optic.

So, 98% of the time it is the board connection to backplane. 1.5% chance it is the hopper pin connection and 0.5% chance the optic is bad.

Let us know what you find!



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