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Rock ola cd bubbler help please !


i have a rockola cd -8 bubbler jukebox that i just purched this weekend and trying to get it going its all here. its the orange system and someone has cut the wires coming out of the power transformer part #58623-a . and removed the plugs from it i have purched the two plugs to put back on the wiring but there are two greens two blues and two oranges one of each of these colors about mid ways down the wire has a white tag on it and the other wires with the strips i think i know where they go. the plugs that go to the power supply board one is a 9 pin plug and the other is a 5pin plug if anyone can please send me or tell me where these wires go on each plug im adding pictures thanks

ok i have found the plug pinout diagram but still have a issue. i have two green two orange and two blue wires and on one of each color there is a white blank tag midways of the wire as seen in the picture can someone tell me what this is for please and if it makes any diffance when wiring to plug. they are putting out the same voltage. im just worried about the amps thanks

Lake Dude:
Did you ever get an answer?

The orange wires are both sides of the same coil and since it is AC does not matter which one you use.

You can check my advice by setting your DVM to 200 AC volts and measuring voltages. One orange and orange/white should read roughly the same as the other.  Reading both orange wires should yield a reading of the sum of the two separate orange- orange/white readings.


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