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It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of JDKMunch this past week.  He is survived by his wife and two young boys.  JK and I were recently jokingly discussing the body aches and pains that come in your late 40's to which I replied wait till you hit your 50's. He was far too young.

Most of you do not know that JK was one of the original group of contributors that created the programming and performed the testing to make TITO for home use possible.
Many great things came after that for all to enjoy, including his unique creation of the APP.  I mean, who would ever imagine controlling your slot machine for your phone, lol, pure genius.  So way back when, many, many years ago, he decided to provide the painstaking service of fabricating units for distribution through my company.

JK is credited for creating by hand over 7,500 TITO kits for others to enjoy.  He always told me that his version, although time consuming and costly to make by hand, would be long lasting.  This past month I had a customer request that a Tito be re-flashed from a $20 to a $100 credit button.  I was shocked when I received it as it came from the original batch of 50 that he made from 10 years ago. Still working and going strong today, kudos.

JK was an educator, a school teacher specializing in computer science.  He was also a Principal of a high school for many years, no doubt an overly stressful, underpaid job. After a lifetime of hard work he very recently built a new home for his family to grow in and sadly did not have enough time to enjoy it with them.  JK had the unique ability to make light of any stressful situation and could make you laugh no matter what.  He was the least self-centered person I ever met, always putting the other person first, a hard trait to come by sometimes.

I will truly miss our conversations.

Much too young, any details that you can share ie a link to an obituary, etc.


--- Quote from: jay on August 09, 2021, 08:46:19 AM ---Much too young, any details that you can share ie a link to an obituary, etc.

--- End quote ---

His wife wishes for their personal, location information to remain private.

Very sad news
JK was a credit to this site and will be missed
Prayers to his family

I just left my job in June to retire
as most of my family and friends have passed on
and I'm only in my 50's,life is way to short with
the clock ticking.


So sorry to hear about this, Jim.  I really liked him.  Way too young.



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