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WTB: IGT s-plus HOPPERS in ANY denomination! I need 10!!

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Please, I need 10 hoppers for the IGT s-plus machines (upright) ANY denomination... if you can help me please message me. Ill pay shipping of course & im in the cleveland Ohio area.



We may be able to help you, but be forewarned, CA to OH is one of the most expensive shipping lanes I know of. I will check stock and let you know. May want to go LTL?

another way to go - buy s2000 hoppers and S+ holley wheel dollar hoppers - you can make s+ out of the parts.

you can?? the hookup is different & I was told one is 24 volt & the other is 12 volt.... I was told its not possible....


you remove the top parts from the s2000 - bowl down to frame holding the coin wheels etc - and swap out with the holley wheel parts - you don't use the motor and harness at all from the s2000  - I have done this many times.  There are lots of s2000 hoppers (mostly new) and there used to be a lot of holley wheel hoppers.   


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