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repacing reel touch top box power supply (see pics)


*This topic was origionally submitted as a WTB for a replacement power supply. After the repair solution listed below was posted the topic was moved and pruned of non-pertinent information. The original poster resolved his issue by the below listed method.*


The Power Supply for an IGT S2000 Reel Touch TOP BOX can be replaced with an ATX power supply from your old P/C. The steps are simple and easy.
Items required: Wire Cutters
                         Solder Paste
                         Soldering Iron
                         Shrink tube or Electrical Tape
                         Power Supply (ATX) 175 watt or better

Your origional power supply has 2 plugs on it that go to the top box motherboard. The smaller of the the 2 must be cut off the defective power supply. Cut it so you have lots of wire to work with. matching color for color cut one of the small plugs off your new power supply and solder the plug from the old in it's place. Either use shrink tube or Electrical Tape to cover your soldered joints. TIP: Try to use a power supply that has as long an ATX plug as you can. It will make it a lot easier when you have to swing the top box open to get access to it


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