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Atronic Sphinx and CC-16D

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I have an Atronic WBC Sphinx Machine.
The green light on the CC-16D coin comparitor was not coming on.

When I checked the +12V and the ground wire it was 4.87v
When I checked the +12V against ground, it was +12V. So I temporarily added a wire from a good ground to the comparitor gnd wire, and I am reading 12V and the CC-16D lights up.

1) Does anyone have a schematic of the Atronic display board (see image)?

2) The CC-16D has a GND, +12, and sense. Is it possible to add a switch or something to add free credits?

If the picture doesn't appear, it is also hosted on dropbox:

See if this help (see attachment)
You can add credits by setting the machine into free play mode too.

I will take a look at the schematics later on - my 'puter is real slow right now.

How can I put the machine in free mode? I didn't see it on any ot the menus.

You can access the service game with the door open and push the green button. The Atronic has key on function installed. You just have to enable it.


Here you go!


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