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I picked up some reel touches that had dead batteries ,which is not a problem...except I do not have any. Anyway, it looks like the boards were put make in the machines,but not the right ones  :duh: So not sure which boards (chips) go in which machine. Some of the Bucks Ahoy has legacy boards on them, others don't. Same as the Denver Ducks, Lobster Mania and Tabasco. I looked on the old site,but no luck. Looking for a list of the diff chip versions.  :thank_you:

I just got  2 Tabasco's SG00536

What chips do you have and with what machine (SB & SG)?

Randy If your needing the SB chip numbers, look on the main page, about half way down on your right. Under 4 Deuces FAQs, click on reel touch,
I did kind of a search using Mississippi Gaming and they show SG000299 game chips for Bucks Ahoy,Denver Ducks, and Lucky Larry. I couldn't even find Tabasco.
Let's be clear, no way in hell am I saying you need SG000299, I don't know I've never had a reel touch. This is what I found.

I was able to figure out some of the bucks ahoy. This is what I came up with so far...
Boards with Enhanced daughter boards
1,SB 566
 SG 536

2, SB 566
 SG 299...With audio simm card

3, SB 570
    SG 301

4,  SB 523...Denver maybe ???
     SG 387... With audio simm

5,  SB 523...Denver ????
     SG 299...With audio simm

6,   SB 565...Lobster ???
      SG 387

7,  SB 566...This is bucks ahoy
     SG 387

8,   SB 535
      SG 590

9,   SB 537
      SG 301



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