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Double Strike Backlite Strips

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I recentaly got a double strike kit up and running and I really like how it plays.  I sourced peices from a few places and right now I am using a set of reproduction non-backlit strips.  I'd like to find a set of of OE strips that are backlite.
I originally was told that double strike and double gold were never made in backlit, however a member on here assured me that they were made, just rare.
Not sure if possible, but would AVP double strike strips work in an S2000?  It's the same game pay-table wise, do the AVP strips fit the S2000 baskets?.
Willing to pay retail for the strips I'm looking for.
PM me.  Thanks!

Still looking.
Had a couple members with backlit triple strike and wild double strike.
We're getting close, they gotta be out there collecting dust somewhere  :Scratch-Head:

Does anyone have a set of Non-Backlite double strike?  With a spare set, I'd be willing to try the sharpie method on a set and see how it comes out.
PM me, thanks!

Still looking for a set of OE backlit or non-backlit double strike strips... Gotta be some collecting dust somewhere.

Are these the ones?


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