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I recently bought 2 Reel Touch Tabasco's, Parts Complete.One is up and running and works fine after a lot of help from Ken and Chris from Ohio Gaming.
I am getting Waiting for Video Display message on the VFD and the top box computer does not boot all the way up.
This machine works fine with the other computer/monitor.
I guess I need a Computer/Monitor assy. Any one else experience this ? Thanks for your advice.

I had this same problem a few times with reel touch machines. Check the ribbon cable that plugs in the power distribution box and also goes to backplane make sure it is in good  and also check the little thin plugs that go into the same power distribution box in the center. All those must be in to get the game to communicate with the upper box. Good luck Scott

Thanks Scott,I tried those connections and they are good.Bad machine works fine with Computer/Monitor
from good machine.I am wondering if it's the hard drive or a chip or something minor or will I have to replace
the whole assy. and get the Tabasco game installed ?
Thanks, Dave


Did you try the bad monitor in the game that was working?
If you need a hard drive check with "ratspot"  here on NLG he has them for about $50 bucks all loaded up. Although by looking at your first picture I'm not sure it would have got that far with a bad HD.

I have tried the bad monitor in the working machine and the display stays the same.
I have also tried it out of a machine just hooked up to a power supply and it is the same.
The only thing I have noticed different about the 2 monitors is the bad one has bulged capacitors.
I really don't want to switch hard drives for fear of screwing up the good one. 


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