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Changing denominations on PE poker machine

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I have a IGT PE poker machine currently set for 25cents but the main screen says 50cents on it. I've scrolled through the settings and it says I need a set chip to change the denomination. Is this the same chip as for the S+ slots?? I have a set015 chip and I'm wondering if it will work, but im scared to try lol

Go for it! Have no fear...it will only just not work if it is the wrong one. Darrell (my husband) said if memory serves him correctly, it is the same chip (Set 15).

Roslyn  :propeller:

Roz,   don't think a 015 will work,   I always use a SET 004  for PE+


OK, I'll give it a try. Which space would I put the set chip in?? There's ram, data, and program. I'm guessing program??

Do you have a PE or a PE+? 

If it's a PE, you won't be using a chip at all. 

If it's a PE+, you'll need a SET chip, but only if you have a bill validator enabled.  If you don't have a bill validator, you won't need a chip for a PE+, either.


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