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WTFLV (With Bling) LED Chasers


    Well, since I didn't win in our Better Slots Give away. I have had some free time. You all asked for it and I have finally expanded to LED's. Here is the first pro to type or improvement to My iconic WTFLV sign. I am also starting to intregrade more LED's into all my sign creations. The sky is the limit. Now you can still get the NLG price of $125 for the WTFLV original sign/lightbox or the Newer version with bling for $160. This new version has a 102 to12V power supply, controller with remote that changes the white lights to three other settings besides the chaser and speed setting. Now I am on my way later this week to LV to deliver another batch of signs so PM me if your interested or just let me know what you think. :thank_you:   Here is the link that I posted Video to.
Scott  (Scott's Vegas Lights)

Looks super...
Post about the controller and LED lights, supplier etc....
I am sure there are many of us who would like to add Bling to all sorts of things......

    No Problem! The company I found is Torch Star out of California. Most of the kits come with a 12V controller and a remote control. The power supply is a 120 to 12V and I really haven't found a company yet that I will purchase bulk from for the power supplys. I did purchase some LED kits RGB from a couple of companys off of ebay that supply them with the kit but they do not have the chasing mode. Torch Star is the only one so far to have single color strips in the chaser mode setting.

looks great, pal!  everyone compliments me on the new york, new york sign i got from you.  you do great work. 

     Thankyou Slot freak :hail: You are the only one who has that sign besides my pro to type that I have. I make these because it makes me feel good that others can enjoy them also. I really do not make much on each sign. I am going on a trip to Vegas and I am going to go to some shops and see if they would be interested in some of my work. Wish me luck.
   Scott  (Scott's Vegas Lights)


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