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I bought this game off of EBAY.  it says Model number 1079-C , The CPU is standing up at the back of the game, held in by one screw in the middle.  I have to replace the battery and Am curious if I have to do anything else, like a clear or setup or will it just come up on it's own.
also, if this is a PE is there a free manual anywhere online I could download. 'Here is a link to pictures on EBay.
Any help would be fully appreciated,  Thanks in advance

I believe, with about 85% certainty, that's a PE (non-plus).  The only other thing it could be is a Fortune II, but the buttons lead me to believe that it's a PE, as I believe all the Fortune II uprights had the deal-draw and bet buttons on the glass next to the monitor (stupid setup, IMHO).

There is a PE (non-plus) manual available for download in the download database, although I believe you need to be a contributing member in order to access it:


My experience is on the PE+ but I don't believe a PE to be much different other than the Bill Validator.
The message on the screen. Call Attendant, Restart - does not indicate you need to change the battery.
Typically the machine states "Battery Low" if it is low.
The Call Attendant message can be set by scrolling though the various options by pressing the white button internally.
It can be caused by running out of coins when paying a jackpot. Typically the machine will be set to pay out 300-400 coins and then it will go into a Hand Pay mode. That is where the casino writes a cheque to the patron. IF it got to say 150 coins and then the hopper was empty you would get the Call Attendant message.
Send some pictures of the insides when you get them and we will attempt to help you out. Contrary to the Ebay ad. I doubt that any extensive work will be needed unless parts are missing (ie No hopper, No Coin Comparitor or optics etc).

Thanks for the information, I thought it was a PE,  When I hit the button inside it goes to low battery and won't do anything else. The machine is very clean, nothing missing, screen a little burnt. I pulled the board and the battery hardly registers anything. I'll pick up a battery Friday.  I don't have to reprogram this or anything when I replace the battery or will I. No clear chips or anything  I'm hoping. I just stumbled across this site and really appreciate the help.  Thanks again for the information and help.

If replacing the battery doesn't help fit your problem, then I would say to call Larry Weber at K-Lar in Vegas. Nice guy and will try to help you over the phone. Then are the one to contact for any repairs needed on these older Video Poker machines..

702-363-9998 K-lar, Larry Weber

Good luck, Gary


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