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Anybody up for playing "Should I buy it?"


Hi all,

There is a local slot up for sale for $150.  It currently has an error about a cable being disconnected, so it doesn't boot up all the way.  The owner doesn't know what is wrong with it or what brand it is, but the screenshot looks similar to what I see on my Aristocrat.  I looked for google images of a similar cabinet and nothing jumps out at me.  Can anyone give an idea on what brand this might be, whether it would be worth the time and investment to mess with it, etc?  It's a bit of a drive from my place to go see it, so I'd like to have some background before making the trek :-)

This looks like a very short video of a Monster Money machine. Looks like the same symbols as on the glass,
But it doesn't show the cabinet.

  ! No longer available

Thanks, it helps to see it in action.  I think I remember actually playing it in the casino back when I lived in Colorado :-)


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