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   Hello fellow members. The trip to Las Vegas was a Great success as always. I made some wonderful business connections with promising perspective clients for my sign/lightboxes. What capped it off though, was meeting two of our wonderful long time contributing members, StatFreak and Jay. We had dinner and hung out the rest of the night. Truley great guys and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am glad I am part of a neat group of people. Truly down to earth and full of all kinds of knowledge. David gave me the low down on Joey and Buzz and you are in my cross hairs next to meet. Will try to swing through Bullhead City on the next trip. Buzz, I probably know more about you than I should. By the way, I explained to David what my login name stands for. It is not what you think! It stand for Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, although most all feel WTF when they leave.
  Thanks again, 
     Scott   (aka WTFLV)


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