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IGT Reel Touch Problem (Copying HD)

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Finally got an IGT Reel Touch slot Bucks Ahoy.   Worked fined when I got it but I decided to make a backup of the hard drive in it in it just in case it ever failed.  Took HD out and used a program called EaseUS to make a sector by sector backup.  Replaced original HD in slot and now I am getting a "RFA corrupt" error with it.  What did I do wrong??  I have used this backup program for ages and have had no problems with it.  Any help would be appreciated  Guess I should have left well enough alone!!!  Thanks

You can't do that to those drives.  As soon as you mount the drive Windoz messes the directory up and adds extra files that prevents it from booting properly. So now the drive is unless unless you can find someone to clone a good drive onto yours.  You can't just delete the files either btw because they are hidden.

Thanks for info.  You live and learn.  Ask questions first!!!  Anyone have a replacement drive  for this or can anyone clone the drive I have for it now??  It is a BIOS 1 machine that's shows a finger touching the screen. 

OK--a bit of info for all--Got my old Reel Touch Type I harddrive going again.   Don't know what I did to make it work right again but all seem to work fine now.

The best software for your needs is Casper.


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