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Upgrade your Odyssey to a LCD, WBA with new $100, and new hard drive

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Sunrise Side:
It is quite easy to update your Odyssey with a new LCD touchscreen, WBA that takes new $100 bills, and get a new hard drive for your dead hard drive for couple hundred bucks.
Thanks to NLG member Mrzee2000 you can get your dead 15 game hard drive fixed for around $200 plus shipping. Contact Mike  here  - http://newlifegames.com/nlg/index.php?topic=15214.msg85792#msg85792
Also Mike has the info as how to connect the WBA wiring to the Odyssey BV harness. Very easy swap. Contact Mike on the wiring. I will have more details on the WBA unit install later here.

Thanks to NLG member Slam you can swap out that dead touchscreen and bad CRT with a 26" Bally Cinevision Ceronix LCD very easily. Check here  -  http://newlifegames.com/nlg/index.php?topic=14656.0   I will post more info later as to how I installed the LCD onto the CRT frame work.

I will be back with more pics and info.

Sunrise Side:
Here  I  removed the Touchscreen  CRT and controller from the frame work. Set the Ceronix Bally Cinevision LCD on the frame and mark the frame where the holes are already on the Ceronix frame. Drill the holes in the Odyssey frame .  Use a 3/4" spacer and machine screws long enough to leave some threads to mount the Ceronix .  You do not want an excessive  amount of threads  hanging out the front of the LCD after it is mounted.

Sunrise Side:
You will not have any clearence to be able to use the stock locations of the power and cable connections that are on the side of the monitor. There is interference when you close the doors. The connections board will have to be rotated 180* where the 120 VAC, touscreen wires,  and the video cable plug into the side of the monitor. Remove the vented cover and remove the screws from the board and slowly rotate it . As you  rotate you will find the wiring will need slack.  You will need to remove some cable ties from some of the wiring to get slack in the cables to get the board rotated and remounted. I will get more pics here later showing all the cables attached in the rotated position.

I have a Tatung L26xx .. How do I  power the monitor?  :nerd:

Sunrise Side:
No. That has no mounting flange. Send NLG vendor Slotrush  a message and ask for the 26" Bally  Cinevision monitor.


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