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Thanks for the tip on getting the 26" Ceronix monitor. I just received it and I will be replacing the CRT real soon. Have any tips or know of any challenges that I will come across?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Sunrise Side:
I will post a picture tomorrow of my Ceronix wired up. That is the only challenge.  Did you receive a Ceronix or Tatung?

Ceronix 2605 is what I have.

Will the Cinevision work as well?

Sunrise Side:
Yes the Cinevision Ceronix works very well. . You have a 120 volt cord, a touchscreen cable, and video cable to connect. All three connections will go to the original connectors of the Odyssey and your new monitor. 1. You can use a video cable that is used on a PC monitor. 2. You can use a power cord from a PC to connect 120 volts . 3. You can use the original Odyssey touchscreen cable to connect the touchscreen.

Sunrise Side:
Sorry about pics being in wrong position.
I found the 120 volt connector on the monitor and the control board on the back of the monitor had to be repositioned to be able connect all 3 cables. I notched out the panel to move the 120 volt receptacle to other side. I wrapped the wires on the inside of the receptacle with electrical tape.


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