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I looking to see how much interest there is from Odyssey owners to replace the Mars BV to a WBA that will accept the New $100. I am reproducing the correct bezel and mounting plate for the WBA. The installation will require some modifications to some existing brackets and wiring. If interested let me know!

I'm interested!!

I will be posting more pictures on what will be needed to make the conversion.

 Odyssey owners here is the new bezel kit for the WBA bill validator. The kit as pictured includes Bezel, base plate to mount Bezel to WBA, mounting screws, 2 sets of jumpers for P33, P34 which eliminate the need for a cherry switch for the cash can and the WBA wire harness. The kit cost is $85 + shipping.
You will need to purchase a WBA 13ss ID-003 V3.80-32i or WBA12ss flashed unit complete with transporter, cash can and housing.
You will need to modify two brackets that are attached to the side of the machine that the WBA housing attaches too plus you need the LED board for the bezel off the Mars along with the 3 prong connector and wire. You will also need to modify the door on the monitor so the BV will clear.
I will be updating more pictures on the modifications needed.


Odyssey owners: I will be posting just the basic pictures more details and question can be answer by PM or phone. The 1st picture, the 2 parts off the machine right hand side base plate for handle mechanism and base plate for BV housing. 2nd Picture is color coded: Blue, red and black are cut off saving the red and blue to be reinstalled black piece not used. Red piece is about 2 7/8" long. 3rd Picture is reinstalling brackets on machine, noticed how red piece is reinstalled. 4th picture: second bracket modified relocating holes 7/16" closer to edge.
5th picture: cutting off top corner (must drill out rivet) notice the tab this will fit through the red bracket. In the next post.


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