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WTS my private slot collection and spare parts


karaoke mike:
Im wanting to selll my whole private slot machine collection that consists of 4 machines and tons of parts. I mean tons of parts. Im n tired of the said she said bs. And its time for me to move on to my original hobby classic muscle cars .
This is for serious people not people fishing for prices or what I really have. Also this is pickup in person as of the amount of items and the amount of money involved. These are pristine machines that are of blood and sweat. I will email pictures only and the price that way. I will not post to the what is it. Lets see pictures and such. This is serious. Im offering it here to people that want the exceptional machines and not just a toy. After the first few so joke posts this will.disappear and so will i.

I have put long hard thought into this.
Lets say its over the 15k amount.
lastly. I appreciate everyone here that has helped me in the hobby and I just want to.say thank you. You all know who you are.

Ron (r273):
Sorry to hear you feel that way Mike. We try to keep the site up to par but as you may know
dealing with the public you get what you get. Hope you sell your stuff and enjoy your other
hobby with the muscle cars.

It was nice meeting you a couple of times.

If you don't mind me asking, what type of machines? I'm mostly into the Bally EM machines, and have my 6 favorites, 742 Money Honey, Metalist, 873, and 3 MGM Pre Fire machines.. Oh I did forget my 2 old mechanicals, 1946 Mills Diamond Front, and my 1926 Jennings Dutch Boy..

Thanks, Gary


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