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Nepa Coin Op:
who do you guys recommend for ATM processing companies, and would you take the risk running an non emv machine in a very small mom n pop place in a 1 horse town ??


FWIW we use Cash Depot.  They are relatively local to us, and generally seem to have their stuff together.  Not sure how far their reach is, though.

On the matter of non-EMV, our fleet is fully compliant but it is not uncommon to find on our route locations that run their own older, non-EMV ATMs.  I believe the risk is that if there is fraud then you would be out the money for not being compliant. It's worth noting that many retailers around here, including a large gas station chain, are not yet utilizing chip in their POS operations. Were it my call I would not take the risk, but that decision is above my pay grade.  I just make the things work.

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