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Reel Touch top box motherboard


The laneman:
Update: 4/2021 unfortunately it looks like these replacements are no longer available from that Ebay vendor.

This motherboard will work as a replacement for the top box for a Igt Reel Touch machine.You will need to transfer your Bios chip,ram,processor and fan from your old board to the new one.Must be the one with the socket bios.

DFI ITOX ST2K-E ST2KE4-100 75513400 PGA370 Flex-ATX Intel Motherboard +ST2K-3SL5
Thanks qbert for the info.

Can you confirm that this Works? If yes I will sticky the topic.

The laneman:
It does work.
I put it my spare top box assy. that had a bad motherboard (A LOT of bad caps) and it fires up.You do have to transfer the bios,processor,fan and ram.Can take some pictures or a video if you want.

No I just wanted to confirm it works. I will sticky this topic.
For those that are going to do this be sure you get the mother board with the socketed bios so you can use the IGT bios chip.


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