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Hey All,

I just inherited a 20-yo video poker machine from my in-laws that needs a little TLC.  I've tinkered with electronics before (I'm a computer professional), but never anything like this.  Anyway, I need to know where to start.  Currently, there is a "CALL ATTENDANT" "Low Battery" message and some Googleing and a quick meter test tells me I need a new battery on the MB (3.5 v Lithium Ion), so that is on it's way here, but besides that I need manual, so I know what to do once I get up and running with the new battery.  Does anyone have a manual you can shoot me?  Also, I did a quick search on here for more beginner kind of info (what is the keyed jackpot switch on the side of the unit for and how, what's the little button on the MB box used for and how).

I've attached some pix for reference.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Additionally, it looks like the battery I have coming is a 3.6 v Li.  Is that extra 1/10 v going to fry my board? ;) or will it be fine?

3.6v is fine. It will not fry your board.

The lock on the side of the machine is for your jackpot reset key (little brass key). This is used for Attendant functions, like "Keying off" a big win/hand pay.

Let me see what we can find for you. I just ran across some docs that may help you. There will be a couple things you need to do after replacing the battery.

Thanks in advance.  Will I need a clear chip you think?

No clear chip is needed for a Battery change. Should just need to turn the Attendant key, and close the door. I will get you some instructions...


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