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How Slot Machines Work: The Stop Button

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How Slot Machines Work: The Stop Button

have to disagree with part of this video the random number generator stops when you drop the first coin not when you push the spin button.
What do you guys think.?

When you have credits on the machine, isn't it at the spin button press?   If you have bet buttons, then I would agree since your wager is now locked at that point and you can't back out of the game without playing at least one spin.  Also it probably doesn't happen when you insert bills either.

You're absolutely right with the inventor of credits... the old rule was when you dropped a coin it stop the ring generator. 
So I guess you could say anytime you hit bet one. Insert a coin. Or hit play Max. The instant you hit that button or drop a coin in the ring generator stops.

Yes, I think the "rule" is whenever a wager is placed, the RNG is determined.  So whatever constitutes the point of no return as far as a wage being placed, that is it.  In the old days, of coin only, the wager was as soon as you drop the coin and the machine accepted it.  Nowadays, inserting a bill does not constitute a wager since you can just cash out the same amount.  Only when you actually bet.  It makes sense that way.


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