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Topic Solved..  :yes: :yes:

The Topic Solved BUTTON. Adds the feature of marking a topic solved or unsolved.

You can select the boards this feature to be active.
It includes solve own topic and any topic permissions.
It also has quick moderation option when select boxes are used and topic solved log, which can be viewed both from Admin Logs are and Moderation Center.

 :talktothehand: Sr Members and Up Only... :talktothehand:

The following boards have topic solved YES / NO enabled....  :propeller: :propeller:

Monitor Repair Log and Database. **Arcade and Gaming**

    LCD and Monitor Repair Tech Support

Slot Toppers, Stands and Add-on Accessories

    Slot Toppers
    Slot Stands and Bases
    Other Add-ons and Accessories

Progressive Controllers and Displays

    Mikohn Progressive Systems
    IGT IPC Progressive System
    IGT Spectrum Progressive Systems
    IGT Stand-alone Progressive Systems
    CDS Progressive Systems
    Paltronics Progressive Systems
    Other Progressive Systems

Coin Comparitors and Other Coin acceptors

    Coin Comparitors and Other Coin acceptors

Bill Validators and Currency acceptors

    JCM DBV-45, DBV-145, and DBV-200 Bill Validators
    JCM WBA 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, and 23 Bill Validators
    MEI Mars Bill Validators
    Pyramid Technologies Bill Validators
    Other Bill Validators

**Video Slots** Gaming machines

    **Video Gaming Machines** **General Chat**
    Aristocrat Video Gaming Machines
    Atronic Games
    BALLY Game Maker
    Bally V5000, V5500 and Others
    CEI Video Poker Games
    CDS Video Games
    IGCA (aka IGI) Video Slots
    IGT Fortune 1 Sircoma/Poker
    IGT Fortune II
    IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games
    IGT I-Game and Game King
    Konami Games
    Odyssey Video Games
    SIGMA Video Games
    WMS Williams Video
    VLC Machines

**Reel Slots** Gaming Machines

    **Reel Gaming Machines** **General Chat**
    Bally Reel Games
    Bally Alpha Reel Games
    Bally Electromechanical
    CDS Reel Games
    IGT M Slot Reel Games
    IGT S and S-plus Reel Games
    IGT S2000 and Vision Games
    IGT Reel Touch Games
    Pachislo Slots
    SIGMA Reel Games
    Universal Reel/Video Games
    WMS Reel Games
    Other Reel Games

Arcade Games, Pinball, Crane Games, Redemption Games and Other Stuff

    Arcade Games **Video**
    Bill breakers, Change machines, Coin counters, ATM's and other Money Handling Machines
    Jukeboxs 45's, CD, and Internet
    Pinball Games
    Crane & Redemption Games
    Other Arcade and Amusement Games

Game Emulators

    Homebrew and Custom Game Emulators
    MAME Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
    Emulators for Other Game Platforms

The topics icon   indicates that the topic is solved...  :rotfl:

But it can be reopened at any time by a Moderator or the original poster......  :arrowthruhead:

By Clicking on the TOPIC NOT SOLVED Button at the end of the topics post...  :lol:

The original poster can mark the Topic as Solved at any time...  Freeing up the Moderators up to help out other users...  :applause: :applause:


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