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Hello, I have a Sigma SG50 with a bad power supply.  Mine has the 3 separate power supplies mounted behind the reels.  One is 5V.  Second is 12V.  Third is 24V.  The real question I have, there  is a much smaller Forth power supply mounted just below the 3 larger ones that says 100V.  It has the number KS-1503A on it.  No other info.  I suspect it is some kind of transformer or converter.  I am replacing all 3 of the DC power supplies and also want to replace this but can't find any info on it.  I suspect it is 100V  AC  but since it is not putting out anything, I have no idea what it is.  I would also like to know the amps of this as well.  I am trying to upload a picture but having some technical difficulties.  Thanks, Richard

It's possible that 100v transformer was used buy the casino. I've only seen these with the other 3 voltages.

I have a Sigma SG-50B and it has a single power supply. It is a NFS80-7602-C. It has +5, +12 and +24 Volts DC on board. It appears that they are not a stock item but there are single power supplies out there that are plug and play for it. Jamesco electronics has one that I was considering, but mine turned out to be okay. If I can post files and info, I will. Remember, Google is your friend...My other computer with info is out of reach... I'll watch this post and see if I can find what Jamesco has that will work. I go the info from another member, so maybe they will reply to your post...

Bill in Spokane...

which one is bad?  each one has a red LED on the supply indicating that it is on, measure the voltage from each one and see which one is bad. I have the complete panel, it usually has the three power supplies and an isolation transformer rated at 100vac. red wire is +5, the orange wire is +12 and the yellow wire is +24 vdc (from memory, so I think those are the colors)

let me know what you need!.


Jim, all 3 power supplies are testing bad. Verified there is 120vac going to them.  No output.   I have found replacements for all 3 power supplies made by Mean Well but I can't find an Isolation Transformer.  I did discover the Isolation Transformer needs to supply 17vac according to the SG50 wiring schematics.  Mine may be good, just wanted to replace it since i was putting in all new power supplies. 


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