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The PE+ Master List - Updated to Dec 15, 2015!


Tons of new information, updates & corrections! This is THE list for anyone using the PE+ platform.

It's available only here on Newlifegames.com for it's members.

The Master List includes known:

PP0xxx Poker
X00xxxxP Poker Data
International IP0xxx Poker
PS0xxx Slots
X00xxxxS Slots
CGnnnn graphics uses

Contains information like known paytables, payout percentages, CG+CAP combos as well as known compatible XP000xxx Poker Programs for Poker DATA sets.

The file is Excel xls Data Base format.  Free Office software at http://www.openoffice.org/ to open it.

NOTE: This information is considered a closely guarded secret by most. So if you have any information to share, PLEASE PM here so I can add it to the list for the benefit of our fellow members!


Awesome!!!  :applause: :applause: :applause:


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