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New.... Miscellaneous Add-ons and Site Features - Mod's

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:new: :Eating_Cookie: New.... Miscellaneous Add-ons and Site Features - Mod's...   :applause: :applause: :applause:

Enhanced Drop-downs

o Add a preview of all the colors in the font color dropdown
o Add a preview of all the size in the font size dropdown
o Make the editor a little bit advance and user friendly...

 :yes: :yes:

RSS Feed Icon

Adds a feed icon on the board index for each forum.

Advanced Reputation System   :propeller: :propeller: :propeller:

A full Karma System replacement, with adjustable reputation settings and an in-post rate/comment popup box.

o Reputation sent is now based on the giver's reputation
o Popup box can be activated in posts wherein reputation can be sent with a comment
o Members can view their own reputation by going to action=profile;sa=reputation
o :: Moderators (or anyone with permission) can delete reputation actions on this screen
o Reputation can be given per post, per thread, on account birthday, and on registration
o and more!

Aeva Media

* Aeva Lite is a popular auto-embedding mod that allows you to automatically embed any video URL from 200+ websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion and even non-video websites such as Google Maps.
--- Code: ---    JUST MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE OUT THE S IN HTTPS://.............
--- End code ---


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