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Just bought my first WMS Monkees Machine

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Hello everyone, Newbie here…. I just  purchased my first Slot Machine last week. Great information here and it lead me to buy from SamRonslots. Also they had the machine I wanted. . It is a WMS 5 reel mechanical Monkees machine.It arrives this week and it is for my wife's birthday. Will not see it for a couple weeks because I am traveling and will not be home till after the first of August. Wife knows nothing about it, she will be surprised. Just a couple questions:I believe this is a Bluebird 1 model?I want to add a topper to it, will only a WMS (Williams) model fit without modifications? I am a retired Biomedical Engineer so I have been working on electronic and mechanical devices for over 30 years, so I hope to do the work myself for any upgrades (topper) or repairs.  As soon as I get the machine set up I will let everyone know how everything is working. So far Ron at SamRonslots has been great. Below is a picture of the machine before it shipped from Ron. Thanks, Bob

Yes, it is a Bluebird 1 machine, and although you could propbably adapt just about any topper to any machine, save yourself a headache and just stick with the WMS toppers, they are all about the same $$$ anyway.

Bob,  It looks like a nice game!.   The topper thing should not be that big of a issue for it.  Given your back ground as per your post you should take to this stuff easilly.  Also welecome aboard If no one said it earlier--777.

Thanks guys for the welcome. Just got word it is being delivered this afternoon. Will not be home for 2 weeks.  Wife's birthday is 8/3, so that is going to work out great since she is with me. Ron hasn't found me me a WMS topper yet so I am going to start looking myself. I agree, stay with the WMS topper, anyway I like the way it looks. Any good source for WMS toppers? I see a lot of Bally and IGT stuff but very little WMS. Look forward in being part of this group, even though I can see buying and diddling with this things could be addictive. lol

Ahh, if only you knew just how addictive this can get.  Wait until you get home, setup the machine and go to sleep.  Within a few days they will mysteriously multiply. This is how it's going to go...

Gee, this is pretty slick, I wonder what I can add to this?  Wait, you can buy a glass kit and replace the one that is there and basically get a new machine for under $100 worth of parts? 15 kits later...

This is a mechanical reel bluebird, those video bluebirds sure look fun.  What? I can convert my 5 reel bluebird to a video machine with a few hundred bucks worth of parts?  A few hundred dollars worth of parts later...

This changing the machine back and forth is a hassle, I should just get a video bluebird and be done with it...

And then there were two...

You know those quick hit machines at the casino's are a lot of fun, I wonder what they go for...

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