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I understand that many of the top box hard drives contain more than one program for bonus games.
IE one hard drive has D Duck, Bucks A, Lobstermania and possibly a few others.
My question is will these hard drives play a different bonus game once they have been used and played one of the others on that drive?
I know you must get the correct bios version along with the correct SB/SG combination for these games to work and I know they can be quite "touchy" about the mix of all software, chips sets, bios combinations.
I believe I have the correct chip sets and all boots up, reels turn, but I'm getting a message unrecognized bonus game. Is this because I have already used the hard drive for a different game and it is now locked to only play that one?
I'm going from a working Denver Duck with 1270 with legacy adaptor.
Among others I have tried for example going to Lobstermania
but I get unrecognized bonus game.
I have not cleared between games I have just been changing the legacy board with all of the game chips. Could this be the reason? I have also been searching for SG000299 set because I think they may work better with legacy adaptor

An SB000565 requires SG000299

Try the SG536 with Lobstermania.  I worked for me and most other games too.  So with a multidrive and SG536 all you have to do is change out the SB chip and the games should work with out clearing the machine

Tried that combination same result "unrecognized bonus game".
Were you using a 504 board?
This one is a 1270 I think that might be why Lin says I need a 299.
These machines are kinda a pain in the axx

Yes, I was using a 504 board, but the problem may be a mismatch in the BGM file.  That's why the error message.


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