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--- Quote from: raven on January 23, 2024, 11:16:38 PM ---Ok, another probably stupid question.could you just use a normal PC monitor as the top monitor since it's not touchscreen anyway?  Why does it have to be a specific Ceronix or Kortek monitor for home use?

--- End quote ---
  So I'm going to answer my own question...it doesn't matter.  I attached a very cheap PC monitor to my newly acquired BB2 in place of the top monitor, and it worked just fine.  Curiosity satisfied.

Who said it has to be OEM?
I use a very nice dirt cheap 22"-23" wide-screen TV somebody was selling on Facebook Marketplace for $15 bucks!
Ripped the plastics off, and attached the mounting ears, shoved it in...looks brand new!

You can do the same thing for the bottom touchscreen monitor.
All you have to do is cut the old TS off the bad LCD and stick it on the brand new TV.
The only requirement of course is the same size....use the old enclosures and mounts.
I was able to pick up a roll of two-sided adhesive rubber online about 3/16 thick and a quarter inch wide.
You also need a roll of acetate cloth tape to hold the TS from sliding down.
It's kind of like hockey stick tape, but stiffer with better adhesive.
If you can't find that, I've seen monitors with that shiny aluminum furnace duct tape.
TV's have their own power supply's, just plug in the cord to a power strip.

fj cruiser:
I just wanted to say thank you Rick for answering all the questions! Wow beginning to understand!

Wild Card:
Awesome Post for us 1st Timers.  Thanks!   Any BB1 Games worth buying the Chip/SW for?    Is Match Game, a weak game?

Match game requires a dual screen bb1 machine, not a bb1.5.  So if you want want that game, you will need to make sure you get either a dual screen bb1 or equivalent.


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