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You need to replace your SJUR chip a Mississippi SJUR chip

This post is a great idea, but seems it's having a difficult time getting more information.

I didn't see any years the machines were actually released, BB1, 2, or Blade.  I'm guessing 2004 for the bb1.

Youtube does have some videos on Clearing, and installing, configuring, but not many other videos.  For example converting a bb2 to transmissive reels. &  Converting a bb2 to a BB3 cpu. ??  Will a BB3 cpu be able to install and play all other games for BB2 as well?

What about the OLED panel, what happens when the lights go out, can you replace an LED, or do  you have to replace the whole panel? 

The most popular games, and the RAREST games to find ?   I know some of them, but I'm not sure, the prices people charge seem to be without reason.   Why are some games so much more cost than other games?  If many are being copied and sold, why aren't all of them being copied and sold (on ebay)? 

What about the XD cabinet?  I rarely see much info about that one, other than it's a BB2, but do they have a better cpu?  Would someone want an XD or is there a reason it's not as popular?

Is there any chance new games would be released for the BB2 in the future, by independent developers?  Is it even possible?

It seems that a lot can be done with these machines, including adding larger monitors etc, but is it only limited to the DVI compatible ones, or can you use a converter to HDMI?

I just got my first BB2, and so I'm extremely new, and I haven't even been able to explore it yet, I'm sure I will have more questions in the future, especially when issues come up.

Thanks for reading and if any replies, thanks.

I didn't see any value on posting when the machines were introduced, but since it seems a point of interest.  BB1 2004, BB2 2008 and blade 2013.

The OLED panels in the player buttons are notoriously for going dark.  The actual gameplay is not affected, but obviously, you want them lit up.  You can buy a whole button and replace it, or you can also buy the little screen, take apart the button, and replace the screen.

A discussion on copying and selling is a violation of TOS on this site, plus the manufacturers monitor this site for such type of information, so best not to talk about that.

The reason for the high price in certain games is because of how rare they are.  These games are typically licensed titles that have someone else's copyright and thus their likeness is licensed for the casino to use it when deployed.  It is typically stipulated that the entire cabinet be destroyed upon retirement, but as it turns out some of them make it into the secondary market one way or another.  These games usually require the use of a hardware key to operate (we call them dongles).  Without the dongle, the software in the CF card will not operate (you will get a license error).  This is why these games are expensive.  If you go to a typical casino, you might see 3 or 4 of the licensed game (in a large casino), and 10 to 20 of the non-licensed games like bier haus, Jackpot Party, Life of Luxury, etc. (usually created by the manufacturer, so they hold all the rights).  These non-licensed thems are sold at auction when the games are retired, so they don't get destroyed.  Most of the newer games also require the use of a dongle, but because they are more plentiful and are not supposed to be destroyed at retirement, there are a lot more of them.  Obviously some of the more popular titles will fetch more money, as is the case with anything that is subject to supply and demand.

Thanks for the info, very interesting and makes sense.

I neglected to address the XD cabinet.  It is nothing more than a slant top cabinet.  uses the same mpu.  The cabinet has either a cpunxt2 or a cpunxt3 on it.  The newer cabinets have a larger 32 inch monitor mounted on top, the original XD cabinets had the same 22 inch monitor as the main monitor.  The XD cabinets are also found with stepper variants.


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