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My main hobby has been collecting mostly WW2 Militaria for over 50 years ..a neighbor started me off with a German Helmet when I was about 7 or 8 ,(I'm 64 now)  then a relative gave me a Japanese Helmet and , the "Treasure hunt" started , I was hooked lol. My collection is pretty broad spectrum ...I have a 1944 GPW Jeep as well as an M38A1 Jeep (Korean War) and a 1942 40mm A/T Gun (deactivated) , as well as Flags, Uniforms, Firearms , Medals , Radio gear , I like it all. Over the years , it's added up and , it's a large collection - I've loaned items to the History Channel , worked with many Museums  and quite a few Reference books have borrowed items from me as well ..plus , I like setting up public displays. Our Schools don't really teach WW2 History in-depth anymore so , I think the displays help keep the History alive. First is a picture of me explaining a few items to Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen who was the Superintendent of West Point at the time , I had setup a large display for the Honor Flight Dinner and he attended  . Then there's a shot of me with my 1942 Anti-Tank Gun at a display we did at FDR's House in Hyde Park NY and ..a shot with both of my Jeeps getting ready for the July 4th Parade at West Point .
I also have an old Pinball and a Commando Video Arcade game  ... my Wife isn't interested in the WW2 relics ...but the Slot Machines and Video Poker she loves so ...our 2 IGT's are now a "hobby" we can both enjoy !!  ......why don't Girls like Anti-Tank Guns ?? I don't get it  LOL

That 40mm A/T looks awesome, do you have more pics?

Glad you like it  ...The Gun itself is a 2 Pounder (roughly 40mm) and was originally a British design .Mine was made by General Motors Holden in Australia. They are not easy to find and I think there are only 4 of these in the US (incl mine) Jacques Littlefield restored one..After he passed ,
a Museum in Hudson Ma has it now. But they weigh around 1700 pounds so , they were easy to move and scrap after the war ...so less are found now. The GM plant in Canada also made them and a few years ago they printed a book on them and used my 2Pdr for their cover. I set it up on a mountain overlooking the Hudson  ..they did a great job editing the tents out of the shot they used lol . It is a very  interesting design as , the Wheels can be removed and the Gun sits on its own Tripod ..and can traverse 360 . They even use to mount them on Weapons Carriers and Truck so , they were versatile .The problem was , in Europe , the Tanks up-armored fast so they had to develop a "squeeze - bore" device to increase the velocity (called a Little John). In the Pacific Theater , that was never a problem since the Japanese Tanks were thin skinned and , our 37mm and the 2 Pdr did a great Job on Tanks and Bunkers.  GM Australia did a book after the war and you can see some of their production pics here -- https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/resource/BRG+213/121/10/19D I'm missing the seat and the leather tool box that sits on the ammo box ...been looking for one for years now but , doubt if I'll find it.

That is so cool!!!  Do you need a concealed weapons permit to carry that around?   :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

LOL ...I'm in NY remember ? They arrest you for THINKING about a Gun  :fryingpan: 
Mine is deactivated BUT ...it still cost me some grief. About 5 years ago some younger "Gent" who was very delicate and was easily offended by anything he felt was not politically correct , took me to Court for having too many Army Vehicles and the Anti Tank Gun . He said the Gun was intimidating his customers and stopping them from buying his used Bikes. The Judge asked me if my Jeeps & Trucks were registered and Insured ..I said yes ..the Gun is exempt since DMV says anything with a dedicated trailer made just for it (Like a wood Chipper or Roofing Tar bucket) does not have to be registered -- The Judge threw the case out  LOL


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