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Mills - Dewey



MS Rau antiques in New Orleans has the following slot for sale.
Its currently 35% off right now which brings the price down to $276,250.00
My birthday is in October so if anyone wins the lottery and wants to gift this to me I am not too proud to accept  :yes:
There is a link inside the site to a video.

If you ever get the chance to visit their store about a block off of Burbon Street it is really worth your while. Plan on spending a few hours at least. Its huge and has everything you never knew you wanted.
My GF fell in love with a chanel watch. Its listed at Chanel for $69k and they had it for only $49k - I was able to barter them down to 38k but my floor was 34k - it was either the watch or a new car and they just wouldn't meet my price so I passed.... :hissyfit:  Still quite a good deal if you have that kind walking around cash.

If every member on NLG donated $42.07, we could get you the Mills!  :propeller:

I like how you think.

Your first on the list to be invited to play it......   :hail:


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