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monitor flickers

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Hi All
my Fortune II machine just started to flicker


im not sure if link will work

It's a Ceronix, try replacing the large capacitor right in front of the vertical amplifier. The metal heatsink in the middle of the board holds the vertical driver.
Depending on the type of tube being driven the capacitor is usually 220 uF or 470 uF with a voltage rating of 35 Volts. A 50V version will work fine.

BINGO that was it, its funny it did not test bad on the esr meter then i tested it on a cap tester and damm battery is dead on the cap tester. the cap i pulled out was a 220 35v and on scrap ceronix board i pull that same cap and it was a 470 50v so thats what went in will that be ok? i'm leaving it on over night so lets see if that fixed it.

well...................i typed too soon it started flicking again. i will go get a new 220mf 50v cap try that.

It could be a couple other components but that cap is normally step one.
There is a small capacitor behind the vertical amp heatsink that could be causing the flicker
Or it could be a bad PRA-H 10 uF capacitor mounted on the PRA.


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