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Blue bird meter bypass

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do anyone have a picture of the meter bypass for a bluebird and a wms 550

The only way of the meter bypass for a bluebird is to use a Mississippi sjur chip.  For the wms5xx and 3xx you can use a plug with wires 3 and 8 on the meter connector in backplane.  Here's a photo of the one I made for my 550.  This plug does not work a bb1 cabinet, only in the old legacy 5xx and 3xx cabinets.  In the bluebird with a Mississippi sjur chip, the meters simply don't do anything, you don't even have to unplug them.

If you unplug the meters, will the game lock up? I hate the clicking sounds!

If you don't have the mississippi sjur installed, you will get a meter tilt.  The only way to get rid of them on the bb1/bb2 cabinet is to use the mississippi sjur chip OR use the meter silencers that I made back in the day.  Basically a 5 watt 10ohm resistor to simulate the meter load.  Here's a link to the old board with the information.


Waking up an old topic-

All or most of us are now becoming familiar with using the MS SJUR to eliminate the meter clicking on bb1,2 and 3. I’ve used Columbia on all of my WMS as it eliminates the 1200 jackpot hand pay cap AND allows you to set the hard meter to 100.00 increments on most OS with the exception of A2 and H17 which can be set to 10.00 - still WAYYY better than a click for every .01.

Now that the SG BB3 conversions are getting more popular, I decided to dabble in it a bit. I was able to get a hold of a Jamaica Jurisdiction loader which eliminates the 1200 cap, but there seems to be no possible adjustment in the meter increment settings. I have yet to obtain a Columbia file to see if that option opens up. I’m very curious if Rickhunter’s resistor build has been tried and successful on Bb2 or 3 before I place an order and do the build.

Has anyone attempted this on the later WMS models?


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