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Gladwin Single-Slot Payphone


This is one of my old slot takes good ol' U.S. quarters so it's a "slot machine" right?  :Tongue_Out:

It's a Gladwin single-slot payphone Model #G05201 made in January of 1984.
I asked the phone man if I could have it when he was pulling it off the wall awhile back.
Got it for free!  :cheerleader:
He said he was happy he didn't have to carry it to the trash container. haha

I dropped a few quarters through the coin mech and it works great!
I am going to attempt to restore it and use it as my workroom phone.  :cool_thumb_up:
Anybody know where I can find parts for it? :EmoticonHelp4:

Click onto any photo below to enlarge if you want...>>>

I found this authentic old manual sheet on it from July of 1984.  :cool_thumb_up:
I was scared to open it because as it was downloading across the top of the screen it said "major butt care" ?!... :24: ....>>>

I got lucky!...I found the old backing mount with the locking coin box too!  :happy_and_cheerful_birthday:

I DO remember that phone now. You send me a picture of it, years ago... then I forgot!  :duh:

This is THE place for all phones. This is the "NLG" of telephones. Just make sure you stick your post in the right place, or the grumpy dudes there will chastise you! Actually they're fairly nice to newbies, unlike certain short"stack" moderators.  :Tongue_Out:

OMG - I forgot about this phone TWICE now. Ok I remember again, and again.  :24:

Now you need to go out and get a REAL three-slot payphone!!!


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