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I guessing the Drive is corrupt, but thought I'd get some feedback. I had a power issue (Power Co. blinked). The boot up is very slow and after sitting at the "Welcome" "One moment Please" screen I get the error pictured below. Any Thoughts ??? Sorry for the flash spot. but you can the important stuff.

I have seen this with drive issues And the small -fine wiring runing to them-Bunch of black little wires from memory. I sold all mine in perfect working order after playing with about 15 of them and hair-less back in the day. - :EmoticonHelp4: . They are fun great games though, Just better to make sure a few spare parts are on hand.

Lin, have you considered maybe swapping the ram and setting the top box up again with a keyboard. I forget what key sequence you use to do that during startup but I'm sure you remember, you've done it several times before, maybe even several times this month, lol

I still have 6 or 7 around but only two at home in use, The Duck and Flip Flop. My wife love to play the Duck so I'm gona have to swap it over to Bios 2 as I didn't make a backup of the Bios 1 BGM file. That's what I get for being lazy.

I did that tonight, and even replaced the Batt as it was a wee bit whimpy. Thanks


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