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So I’ve changed out all 5 batteries on this machine and got rid of the backup battery test failed error I was dealing with. Now I’m here to backup memory test error. Wondering if anyone has ever encountered this error or has any idea how to fix. Any help is appreciated. Pics below.

I've found a very old post in here from years ago with someone having the same error I'm having on my Aruze. Had battery failure error first but changed all 5 batteries and got that to go away. Now I'm getting a memory test cracked error. I'm such a novice when it comes to these machines so I have no clue how to fix it. One person posted in the topic that the capacitors on the video card were puffed up and bad, changed and that fixed the error. I don't know how to look for such a thing. I'm going to post pics of what I've taken apart to look at but again......I don't know what i'm looking at. Any help will be appreciated.

Text me. I can help. 2104200603


--- Quote from: Luckbox on June 13, 2021, 05:04:00 PM ---Text me. I can help. 2104200603

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Hey thanks and my apologies for not updating the thread but this has been fixed. Thank you

Can anyone post the "fix" please.
I am stuck at the Cracked error and can not get past it after multiple ram clears, replaced 6 batteries, swapped Gmem boards, reseated RAM and other boards.


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