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For those of you who saw my earlier posts about "low battery" warning, I was able to buy a new battery and install it. 

When I turned the slot on, the "low battery" light was gone from the screen and it began to do all that whirling sounding like it was resetting itself.  When it finished, I had this on the screen.  "Door open.  Call attendant."  Well. the door was fully closed so I decided to see if I could do anything to clear that off the screen.  I turned the reset key on the side, one time.  Nothing happened.  Turned it 3 times.  Nothing.  Opened the door and pressed the little white reset button three times and it made some noises and I got a screen with all kinds of data on various things the slot had recorded. 

Basically, I can get that on and off the screen but still no reset to clear the "Door Open" warning.  I double checked the door.  I can see where it has that connector up at the top that electronically tells it the door is closed.  Got any ideas on what I can do now?  I never had a problem with this slot until that "low battery" message came on.  I'm stumped!!!

I believe you meant to post this in the IGT section, right?  No one looks in this section...

Assuming it's an igt, your door light sensors are probably not lined up anymore, or they're dead.  It's a common problem for IGTs.  Check that forum for help topics.  Look to see if they're still aligned.  Potentially buy a new pair on ebay .

Also, open close the door like 10 times first, sometimes you have to continuous ly clear any built in errors by opening/closing correctly.

Thank you!


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