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Microstar aristocrat 5reel Stepper Slot machine not starting up

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Dear guys - hoping to get Some Experte advice. I got an, old Slot machine which i try to Revive. I didnt find a lot of Info, but i think its an ainsworth microstar mk2.5 - please confirm or correct me. On the Controller Board the battery has drained but left only minor damage. I replaced the 3.6v battery and the akku, cleaned it all up and checked the links on the pcbon the Controller Board and mcu and soldered a New Socket next to the accu as,this was rotten. . Voltage control LEDs are on but the only, thing i See are dots in the matrix. Unfortunately no reel Spinning or another Action or Sound. If i unolug and replug the driver Board the printer starts to print t Black lines. If i unplug and replug the driver Board with the machine on i can get various patterns of the dot matrix but nothing else. Next i will try to Check the driver Board components because this is the only one that creates something to see in the Red dot matrix. Are there specialists of this machine around here that can give me Some hints to Check, esp. Troubleprone components on the Board, mabe a spare Board Controller or driver to sell? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ive found the microstar Stepper Service manual but i doesnt contain schematics. Best regards Michael


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