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DBV-200 won't accept bills


I have a DBV-200 bill validator on an IGT slant top that wont accept bills.   When the machine is powered on, the bill validator makes noise but I don't think it is initializing completely.   It seems to go through a sequence where it briefly starts to pull in a bill and then rolls the rollers in the opposite direction as if it is trying to reject a bill.  This sequence repeats for several times and then it stops making noise.  At that point it doesn't react to any bills being put in the bill slot.  The link below shows the behavior at power up.  In the video I put a dollar at the slot to try to show how it briefly pulls inward and then rejects.  Any help would be much appreciated.   Thanks!

I have the exact same issue!!! I’ll follow this thread too!


you can test the head by itself to  make sure it is working, and at the same time establish which bills it will accept.

very easy test, remove the head from  the transport, disconnect the plug on the left side, disconnect the two on the left side. Now, flip the unit over and observe the switches, there are two banks of switches, one has ten, the other has 6, we will use the bank with 6 , flip the number 6 opposite of where it is, we will use the machine power supply to apply power to the head, now insert the white power plug into the head, observe the two red LEDS are on (directly above the plug) , now flip switch 6 back, the unit will cycle briefly, you can now insert bills into the unit, if it works, then it will take the bill in and spit them out the back, you can do this all day long as long as you do not interrupt the power, if so, then just start over.     if it doesn't work, then your head or power supply are bad, usually if the red LEDS are on it means the unit is getting power.

Hope this helps


I do have 200 heads for sale. 

Hi Jim, I was just catching up on this thread where I'm having the same issue. Do you have a dbv-200-a344 available?

I have the same issue after trying to clean our bill validator model DBV200 with a bill cleaner I purchased on Amazon. It was having a hard time reading really flat $20.00 bills. Now it won't even accept the same $20 it did 10 times.


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