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Post pictures.  Outside front off machine. Inside of machine with door/panel open. Door picture. Board pictures if looking for help with such.

Read about how to post pictures on the forum. 1 MB max per picture, 5 pictures per post max. 5MB max per 5 pictures. ( I will try to get a detailed description on how to that when I have time and add it here)

Find the Forum that best describes the machine you need help with or want questions answered, post in that Forum topic.

Try to be specific about what problem you need help with. If you have a machine with multiple problems - start with one thing or a generic post for help with a new to you machine. Work from there to get more specific. If needed create another post if too many things are needed - this may help getting specific answers. If you start a post and do not receive help in a reasonable time - check to be sure the post is in the appropriate forum/topic. Try not to post multiple times for the same problem in different areas of the forum, it will get confusing for all members trying to help.

I will add more helpful information when I have more time. Others may post here with helpful tips/FAQ's.

I guess I would add try to refrain from reviving old threads for a similar problem with your machine.    Start a new topic. 

Leave the old threads alone unless you're adding new useful information to something that hasn't been resolved. 

Along those same lines pay attention to dates on classified ads too.   Don't reply to an ad 3 years old and ask if they still have it.  Instead click on the members name, see when they last visited the board.  If they are still active then send them a personal message if they still have something.  If they haven't been around in months or years then that's the answer to your question. 


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