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IGT made most of the S+ titles available as PE+ titles -- video representations of the traditional spinning-reel slots.  Here are some pictures of the PE+ video slot machines.

Originally posted 11/3/2007

I blame NLG for the latest casino trip -- I had research to do!  :)

My phone takes really crappy pictures -- my old phone (made three years before my current phone) takes much better pictures.  Oh well.

A bank of 16" games:

Screen from a "Double RWB" game in the more narrow "cruise ship" cabinet:

A couple of "Pharaohs Gold" 4-reel slots in the narrow cabinet:

PE+ Video Blackjack, posted 11/1/2007

PE(+?) Double Diamond, posted 11/1/2007 by ricker

Triple Triple Diamond and River Gambler, posted by Midas on 11/2/2007

Picture of PE+ River Gambler from the local casino with the correct(?) color CAP chip, posted 8/6/2008

Picture of a 5-Line Double Diamond PE+ video slot, found on eBay.  Posted 12/8/2007

Multigame poker/slot set for the PE+ posted by midas on 11/26/2007

Video of River Gambler PE+ slot in action, posted by thedotster on 12/28/2007


3-Line Red White and Blue PE+ game, posted 1/11/2008

While digging through IGT's site, I found this picture of a PE+ Megabucks video slot machine!  (Also a couple of PE+ "Spin 'Til You Win" slots in the background as well.)

Spotted these on Craigslist:


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