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Bally IVIEW player tracking setup


Need a little help. Has anyone got a bally iview setup?? the screen works great cycles through the slide show however the lights around the card reader I cannot get to work.

Anyone have a setup for these? Does both of the phone jack lines need to be plugged into something? There is only 1 on the iview controller. Any Help would be apprecaited or if anyone has a different slide show that would be great also! This one is pretty boring.


A short phone line between the iView display and the card reader unit will make the LEDs come on around the card slot I think.

I'd have to take a look at one of mine to be sure for ya when I get a chance.

Will you please check for me. I have tried it in both spots in the card reader and it will not come on. Maybe the card reader is bad? Just trying to verify. Thanks again!!

Maybe someone else can because I won't be back near any machine until next Tuesday at the earliest.

If I don't see this topic solved, I will check for you then.


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